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A book about growing grapes and making wine in cold climates

Tom Plocher and Bob Parke have aimed Northern Winework at readers with a foundation of basic grape growing and winemaking knowledge, who want to plant varieties suitable for their cold or cool climate and site, and make high-quality wines from them. It covers the following topics:

Grape growing:
How grapevines are injured by winter cold
Recognizing winter injury
Retraining winter injured vines
Enhancing winter survival
Evaluating your regional climate for grape growing
Matching varieties with climate constraints
Selecting a training system
Pruning for balanced growth
Vineyard techniques for quality enhancement

Using vinifera style winemaking on cold hardy grapes
Equipping and stocking a home winery
Avoiding common winemaking mistakes
Controlling variables to influence winemaking results
Recognizing spoilage problems and applying remedies
Understanding and controlling the aging process
Improving your tasting and evaluating skills
Balancing and fine-tuning before bottling
Blending methods for recommended varieties
Showing off the final product

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